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Business Formation

Thinking of starting a business?  How do you want to structure that new venture? 


Sole proprietorship?

Joint venture?


Limited Liability Companies (LLC)?

S Corporation?

C Corporation?

Nonprofit organization?

Small businesses have to conform to the same laws and government regulations as any other business.  Choosing the right business structure will help insulate you from personal liability and risks.


I can help you decide which type of business formation makes the most sense for you.  I will prepare and file all the necessary documentation to establish your business under state law and can prepare the documents necessary to run your business in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Contract/Breach of Contract

Contracts are the foundation of business.  They are legally binding agreements that pervade all aspects of our personal and business lives.  They define relationships and shape expectations. Every business transaction should be documented in a contract because a contract is binding on all parties.  The problem is that not all contracts are up to the task.  Some are poorly worded leaving the door open to questions of interpretation.  Others simply fail to provide adequate protections.  I can draft effective contracts or review contracts for your business.  The kinds of business contracts are numerous but they are generally divided into four categories:

  • leases

  • sales-related agreements

  • employment-related agreements 

  • general business contracts, including confidentiality or non-compete provisions. 

My goal is to protect your rights, preserve your options and assets, and reduce the possibility of litigation.  However, if you end up in a dispute regardless of whether you need to sue for breach of contract, or to defend against it, I will take aggressive action to work out a cost effective solution.



As a business owner, you need to focus on your core product or service to ultimately grow your business.  However, disputes can be a natural part of operating a business, and when a dispute arises, it diverts your attention from your core business.  Huge corporations have the luxury of having “in house” litigation teams – something that does not fit into the budget of the small to medium sized companies. Small and medium sized businesses may be worried that they are going to spend more on the lawyers and litigation expenses than they could by simply paying off their adversary.  Let me help you make that decision.

Some of the cases I have litigated include:


  • Wrongful interference with business relationships

  • Non-payment for goods or services

  • Defective or non-conforming goods

  • Product liability

  • Wrongful termination defense

  • Fraud

  • Lease disputes

  • Real property sale disputes

  • Collection on unpaid invoices

  • Promissory note disputes

  • Personnel and employee disputes

Small Business Law

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